Why do I need my equipment pat tested?

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 states that any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe and good working condition. Regular inspection and testing will ensure that your portable electrical equipment are safe.

The frequency depends on the equipment and type of premises.

All tests are carried out to The Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) Code of Practice for in service testing and inspection of electrical equipment.  


smart pat

All our reports are generated digitally and stored securely for compliance.

all service contracts include

  • Repairs to the existing plug & flexible cable
  • Free supply of replacement plugs and fuses 
  • Notification of faulty equipment 
  • Unique ID number for each appliance we tested/passed
  • Itemised report and PAT testing Certificate
  • Reminders when re-tests are due


Classification and Types of Appliances

Class 1 Appliances

Class 1 appliances, the user is protected by a combination of basic insulation and the provision of an earth connection, thus providing two levels of protection. When PAT Testing Class 1 appliances, Earth Continuity and Insulation Resistance tests are carried out. So in summary:

- If it is made of metal it must be a Class 1 appliance
- If it has a three core cable it must be a Class 1 appliance
- If the plug has a metal Earth pin it must be a Class 1 

Examples of Class 1 appliances are Kettles, Toasters, Irons, Microwaves, Electric Heaters, Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers etc.

Class 2 Appliances

Class 2 appliances, the user is protected by two layers of insulation, this type of class is also known as Double Insulated. These type do not require an earth connection.

PAT Testing Class 2 appliances, requires only Insulation Resistance testing to be carried out 

- If the case is plastic it must be a Class 2 appliance
- If there is a double box symbol on the rating plate it must be a Class 2 appliance 

Examples of Class 2 equipment are Televisions, DVD Players, Lamps, Power Tools, Hair Dryers, etc.