It's a legal requirement that servicing and maintenance of your fire alarm system is carried out. More importantly, it gives you reassurance that your fire alarm equipment will work correctly when you need it most.

Your fire alarm systems should be serviced in accordance with BS5839-1. Regular service and maintenance must be carried out at least twice a year, or more frequently depending on your fire risk assessment.

At Nortec Fire, we are industry trained by The Fire Association (FIA) in the above standard for Design, Maintenance, Install and Commissioning.  We can provide your company with the best solutions to keep your staff and property safe.

  • We provide fire alarm servicing and maintenance across the north-east on all types of manufacturers systems 
  • We offer highly competitive rates with  free quotations
  • We are industry-trained, specialist fire alarm engineers
  • We operate fire alarm maintenance in accordance with British Standards BS 5839
  • All additional work is quoted first
  • For service contracts, we offer 24 hour, 365 days a year for fire alarm emergency call-outs 


We are proud to be a member of The UK Fire Association and ensures you that we meet high standards and your expectations.